Tuesday, September 16, 2014

UNT’s editor in chief and president Hanna Stjärne new head of SVT – UNT

After only three years at UNT, she goes on to the top job at SVT. Hanna Stjärne takes over as CEO at SVT Eva Hamilton who last spring announced that she is leaving his post after eight years.
SVT struggling with a declining audience but Hanna Stjärne is reticent with the resources which she wants to do to break the trend.
– SVT will continue to have a wide range of programs and meet the audience on all screens. I am new on TV and want to start by listening to the staff, she says.
One contentious issue is how SVT be funded and more recently television licenses have become increasingly contested.
Hanna Star says the most important thing for her is to protect an independent financing.
– There will be one of the first questions I will put myself into.
During a meeting with UNT’s staff on Tuesday said Hanna Stjärne it is with mixed emotions that she is leaving the newspaper.
– I am both cleft, happy and sad. Journey with UNT has been incredibly cool. I will never forget the feeling when UNT was awarded that year’s newspaper.
Hanna Stjärne came to UNT from Swedish Radio where she served as national director of the Daily Echo, head of P1 and program director.
UNT’s Chairman Lennart Foss welcomes her efforts as editor of the newspaper.
– Hanna Stjärne brought UNT from being a local newspaper to become a media company for real, says Lennart Foss.
Hanna Stjärne continues until further notice as the editor and president of the UNT and the process of recruitment of her successor will begin immediately. UNT has Hanna Stjärnes management recognized with numerous awards. Among others named UNT Year newspaper in 2013.

UNT is since 2009 a part of NTM Group, based in Norrköping. The group includes a wide range of media; local newspapers, free newspapers, websites, mobile channels, radio stations and local TV channels.


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