Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bards anger against the draw – Aftonbladet

They called yesterday for a “disaster.”

In the evening invited Idol Jury on standing ovation – but questions the draw.

– That was bad , says Alexander Bard.

It was Matilda Gratte, 19, and Saranda Hasani, 18, who was voted on by the girls’ second qualifying round for the week.

Idol jury, which was attended by Daniel Breitholtz, began by saying yesterday’s broadcast.

– It was katstrof. In the evening, it can only get better, said Alexander Bard.

And it did. Already after the first appearance called a unanimous jury Twyla Lidén, 17, for “totally awesome.”

Later they gave Matilda Gratte, 19, standing ovation. That they both competed in the same program worried Alexander Bard.

– I think it was shitty that they put them in the evening. Twyla fighting for the exact same audience. The two deserved so obvious to proceed, he said.

This year’s Idol, the former jurors Kishti Tomita, Claes “Clabbe” af Geijersstam, Peter Swartling and Daniel Breitholtz has selected a talent was brought to a free ticket directly into the qualifying week.

Kishti Tomita and Claes af Geijerstam choice left Alexander Bard unmoved, he says.

– But Daniel has done a very good job, I’m impressed, saying he said.

Previously, Lisa Ajax, 16, Mollie Linden, 18, Niclas Musco, 25, and Charlie Diar, 16, moved on in the competition.


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