Monday, September 29, 2014

Johanna Hagström: Security can not be – Gothenburg Post

Nielsen’s and Paulson’s glitzy skills will go home in the TV sofas. But it is a bit boring.

It will be hell presenter of Eurovision. The latest programs leading duo Nour El Refai and Anders Jansson will always be associated with “fiasco-year” of 2014, when the country’s largest programs received 800,000 fewer viewers in the finals the year before.

Not that it was their error. An itinerant programs monsters Melodifestivalen always come to a point where the spectacle feels stagnant. But with hindsight, could the festival people say that an “edgy” and a little mismatched programledarpar maybe was not the right way to go. Sorry.

I had Valentine liked to SVT this time gone even further, tossed into the sisters Bianca and Tiffany Kronlöf, historieätarna Lotta Lundgren and Eric Hague or why not Kristina Calm in pairs with Björn Gustafsson.

It had gotten me to sit glued to the television six Saturdays in a row.

Instead invest SVT for security, light, warmth, humor and even more security. It is not experimenting with the Eurovision Song Contest.

Robin Paulsson has been asked several times before and was a lågoddsare as hostess. As a talk show host, he has had the misfortune to work in a time where Fredrik Skavlan totally dominated genre, but Paulsson has of course all that is needed to lead a wide televised entertainment program, in addition, he is like that right prankster fun.

Sanna Nielsen sharper than you might think. I interviewed her this spring and she is anything but a wimp. To throw out and make her very first television program leadership performance in the Eurovision Song Contest is courageous bordering on foolhardy.

On the other hand, she has plenty of stage experience and a voice that will carry through, which show numbers anytime. We can count on that cold it gets plenty of that to attract back viewers.

Paulsson and Nielsen will of course make an excellent contribution. Will it be innovative, obscure and exciting? Hardly. Will it be glittery, småroligt and secure predictable? All times.

And maybe it’s just what people need in surmörka February. But it is a bit boring.


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