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Oktoberfest at Ångfärjetomten set – Helsingborgs Dagblad

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Last week was Oktoberfest set in Malmö. Via his website [] now says the organizer that they also set their October celebrations in Helsingborg, Lund and Gothenburg.

Oktoberfest in Helsingborg which would have taken place, 26-27 September is set. This was announced by the organizer AB Besoma on its website on Wednesday.

ticketing Tickster is one of many who have tried to reach the organizer no avail.

– It is totally unacceptable that they do not react to us, one of sales services, said Erik Lindholm, CEO of Tickster who currently can not buy back the tickets because of it.

As early as last weekend posed AB Besoma into a party on the same theme in Malmö because of lack of ticket sales. Then it was also clear that the performers Hoffmaesto and E-Type defected, followed by defections from Donald Bah and Bjork. According Niclas Arlevall, tour manager for Bjork payment has not materialized.

– The whole thing is very unfortunate. Regardless of our foregone income, we hope that everyone who bought tickets get their money back, says Niclas Arlevall.

Rolf Nilsson in Helsingborg is one of many who have purchased tickets. He paid in 1120 dollars for four tickets, the organizer’s account. Some tickets never arrived.

– Of course we are disappointed. We tried calling but get no response. Now we do not know if we will get our money back, he says.

Rolf Nilsson is not alone. Hasse Jonsson at The Tivoli, which does not have the arrangement to do, has this week been nedringd of people who raised questions.

– The company’s marketing has been very unclear. It has been “steam ferry” in the ads so that people thought that we are on a corner, which we are definitely not, says Hasse Jonsson.

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