Sunday, September 21, 2014

Billstr̦m warning perfect sales ploy РAftonbladet

It is now.

From a rock perspective, the only bright spot Tobias Billström’s unpleasant silliness.

Even after SVT’s first exit polls began one of rock history’s most iconic photographs spread on social media.

It represents Ian Curtis , the singer of the British rock band Joy Division . Curtis, who hanged himself in his home in 1980, suffering from acute vulture neck. He has a cigarette in one hand and pinches the bridge of his nose with the other.

It feels as if the photographer Anton Corbijn has surreptitiously photographed Ian Curtis in a private moment. The black and white darkness creeps inside the skin.

The photograph has become a very popular illustration when someone wants to put the image anxiety, depression and despair tired. If pictures say a thousand words said Corbijn photo all about the mood and the feeling after Swedish election results.

Then came a renowned status update on Facebook.

If you read carelessly, and here I must admit that I surprised first mostly skimmed the text, one might think that the arch-conservative Republican Sarah Palin had played a Swedish politician backfire and got into a row about his view of Fi.

But he equated SD and Fi by calling both parties to extremists was the outgoing immigration minister Tobias Bill Power .

Man takes his forehead. What is this? Do we live today in a country where senior Conservatives call a party, for example, a clear anti-racist stance – aimed at fi here – to extremists, a “dark and destructive force”


No one can have been more surprised than the artists who appeared on the “F”, a triple album that was released earlier this year in support of the Feminist Initiative. Names like Linda Pira Robyn Lisa Nilsson Kajsa dawned Sarah Dawn Finer and Ellen Benediktson , she sang about a svårflörtad birdie bird in the contest, had without warning a harder, more radical and Baader Meinhof-like image.

Because children are the future of society should we do Tobias Billström Sweden’s equivalent of the American politician Tipper Gore . In the 80s, Gore was the driving force behind the “Parental Advisory” stickers began to be used primarily on punk, metal and hip-hop discs with coarse content.

The warning to parents resulted in the kids bought ” Parental Advisory “compilation as never before. The stamp was one selling promotional ploy for artists who wanted to be tough and authentic.

The same system should be introduced in Sweden. A “Bill Power warns – extremely content ‘label on music where artists pay tribute to feminism, solidarity and think that racism is crap.

Can never have been easier to protest against the establishment and be rebel than now.

There is perhaps hope.


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