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Fewer songs in Melodifestivalen – more in the finals – Aftonbladet

Fewer grants but more songs in the final.

It is some of the news ahead of next year’s Melodifestivalen.

– The program has worked hard driven and chilly before, says Linda Martin, Executive Producer of the Eurovision Song Contest, during a press conference.

Are you missing Melodifestivalen

Hold on – it is soon only four months left until the popular music kicks off again.

Today featured SVT and Christer Björkman year’s news in the music competition.

Aftonbladet has previously revealed one of the changes before the Eurovision Song Contest by 2015.

– Instead of eight songs per race will be, hold on now, seven, says Markus Larsson , Nöjesbladet Melodifestivalen Expert.

Christer Björkman , Executive Producer of the Eurovision Song Contest, talks about why contributions should be fewer in the races:

– This is a result of a major study we have done. You think the program is very hard run, it seems taped. It is because of our commitment to be perfect – it can easily seem a bit chilly. We started looking at how to create more air in the program to be able to respond to audience reactions and film featuring the artists. Although program leaders will have more time in the broadcast to communicate and interact with the audience and viewers, he says.

The idea is to present artists in a better way, because many are unknown previously. By removing a contribution can be, according to Christer Björkman detach about five minutes.

– It is hard to take in such incredible news: seven grants instead of eight. They think the right to pull down to seven grants and make it more fanciful and airy. It can give a better chance to keep a higher minimum level of the performers, says Markus Larsson of the change.

More songs in the finale

According to SVT, the next year’s finals have more songs than usual : twelve grants instead of ten. This is because that Second Chance will look different. The grant ended in third and fourth place in the races will meet in four duels. Then the winners of those to advance to the finals.

– We try to do as little repetition as possible, because that one has already heard the songs. There will be four straight matchups. Each act gives us a winner we will then see the week after the finale. So it’s little bit more songs in the finals, said Christer Björkman.

Before röstningstak

New this year will also be that there is a ceiling in the poll: a maximum of 20 votes per telephone and grants. This after voting scandal in this year’s competition.

– A new thing we have introduced, it is well not to forget that we were voting trouble last year, is that we have done so that we have the same rules as in Eurovision Song Contest, that is a cap on how many times you can vote. It turns out that we’ve looked at it statistically very few votes more than 20 times anyway, so it will not directly affect the voting intensity.

Markus Larsson believes that voting roof should have been introduced long ago.

– There is some good stuff and some strange they present. They pull down the number of grants and there will be more in the final. The thing that people talked about and which previously has damaged the credibility of the competition is voting. Something they should have done a long time ago is to put a ceiling on voting rights. Now, twenty votes per contributions pretty much anyway, but it should be well drawn money for various activities, says Markus Larsson.

The presenters already clear

Christel Tholse Willers is the new head of the Eurovision Song Contest.

– The reason we are doing about the contest – we do not really have a specific reason – but our mission is to constantly screw and change. Since it is clear that we are watching a little extra on it, because that finale had a stud last year, she says.

How are you going with the program hosts

– We want to innovate and optimize the honors. We think that it is the viewer’s guide in the competition. To be able to create a relationship with the gang on the couch and of course be able to take a large audience.

Christel Tholse Willers says that the hosts have already been completed.

– More than that, I would not say.


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