Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Here Lady Gaga arrives to Stockholm – Aftonbladet

Her bus arrived already at 10 o’clock at the Grand Hotel.

But Lady Gaga was not to be until several hours later.

– Shortly after 13 she stepped out of the bus, she has thus remained and slept in the bus outside the hotel, says Aftonbladet photographer PO Sännås.

yesterday played Lady Gaga in Oslo.

Now the “Applause” star arrived in Stockholm for tonight’s concert in Globen.

Late last night she laid out on Instagram that she took the tour bus to Sweden and at 10 o’clock in morning swung it at the back of the five-star Grand Hotel, where about 20 fans had gathered in the hope of a glimpse of her.

But, no superstar sight. While Gaga’s crew entered the hotel stood bodyguards left outside the bus.

It was not until just after 13, she stepped out of the tour bus with his little dog. Then had an assistant makeup bag seen to help to make her ready on board.

– She has thus remained and slept in the bus outside the hotel, tells Aftonbladet photographer PO Sännås.

his dog on a leash and wearing a black wig, sunglasses and trench coat as she held up the throat, she stepped out of the bus. To the fans’ delight set up Lady Gaga on selfies with those who waited for her arrival and hugged some of the fans.

– guards noticed that people were laid, it was around 20 fans and not so much autograph hunters, it’s not like in London right here, so they drove the bus a little closer and then she stepped out and took the time to chat a bit with the fans, tells Aftonbladet photographer PO Sännås that was in place.


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