Saturday, September 20, 2014

Gäddhäng – ok more than hang purse to the movies – Aftonbladet

It’s family movie at the cinema and together we’ll cluck with laughter at the end of life the female body.

“Look how it all fits and rages.”

One might like to escape to the woods for less.

“It does not matter how long I shower mirror fog never again. I pull away the curtain and meet myself in full figure. Tripe, gäddhäng, taxöron clean Kolmarden. “

There is Johanna, Helena Bergström’s character in” medicine, “which says so.

The movie, which has just Now go to the movies, directed by Colin Nutley and based on Hans Koppel’s book of the same name. It’s about chick lit and “feel good” And I understand that that body talk should be fun.

The fact that we in the salon – men and women, boys and girls – together to laugh at the woman’s body that arrived past their springiest years.

A touch of self-irony.

A pinch of black humor.

Johanna in “medicine” has passed 40th She is divorced with two children . While her ex-husband has changed up to a “younger model” is Johanna tired and passé. No one wants her and she does not have any good ideas at work. Not until one day she starts eating medicine for cold sores and cuts a new hairstyle. Then indeed happens that stuff.

“Medicine” is full of characters who clumsily carved in stone is one thing. But there is something about those lines that begin the film.




we hear right the words of the cliché-studded “medicine” is of course not a coincidence.

That’s how we’ve learned to make us fun of a woman’s body that attracted their share.

“I do not look like my 19 year old daughter even though I am proud of my young and beautiful girl,” says Helena Bergström in the home’s magazine.

I understand why she says she does but wonder why a 50-year-old woman should make it clear that she does not dream of having her teenage daughter’s body? The fact that the bodies should be measured and compared.

As for Stellan Skarsgard would tell you that he does not dream of having a body like his son Valter , born 1995.

Instead declaims Stellan unabashedly about his naked body – and what he wants to do with it – the film festivals press conferences.

this continues, of course, because we have learned – and continue to learn on – that the male body has a value in itself.

It is of course sad having to constantly point out things like this. To not only be able to go to the movies and have some fun (okay – between us, should you have fun, it is still not “medicine” you’ll see.)

But the patterns repeat themselves until we speak up.

For who speaks really so? Gäddhäng, taxöron and tripe. It’s old äppelknyckarsvenska; expression that we inherit – together with the evaluative gaze – which is now also a new generation of moviegoers will get along.

How would we have reacted if one of our biggest male actors appeared on the big screen and was offended by a hanging scrotum or buttocks hanging and tossed like a hammock stretched

I have no idea. But I look forward to both the film and the reactions.


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