Friday, September 19, 2014

Bjorn Ranelids miscalculation – Expressen

Nils Schwartz corrects Bjorn Ranelids alleged track of the year and date .

Bear Ranelid claims in yesterday’s Expressen that Nils-Erik Schwarz in a “chronicle” would have said that they have read him since “My name shall be called Stig dagerman” (1993).

I guess he is referring to my review of his novel “The Warrior” Expressen on 9 October 2001.

What I wrote was that I got tired of Ranelids development to the preacher after the excellent novel “Peacock longing” (1989).

The arithmetic lesson Ranelid should have tried to give me at Bonnier anniversary dinner in 2011 is thus based on false premises.

The correct answer is: In 2011, it was 10 years since I last read Ranelid, and 22 years ago I began to tire of his authorship.


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