Friday, September 26, 2014

No yummy rock’n’roll history “- Skå

This weekend is the musician and lyricist Nisse Hellberg in a completely new environment. At the Book Fair in Göteborg will he present his and Mike Sjöblom’s book History of the Nisse Hellberg & amp; Wilmer X. Although the environment, he is careful to emphasize that he is not a writer.
– This is my story as told in the form, I told Mike.

25 five-hour narrative divided into sessions of three hours at a time is the basis for the book. Plus stories from many others involved in Wilmer X and Nisse Hellberg’s music career.
– I have decided to do a bit of that in Lasse Holmqvist old television program This is Your Life, explains Nisse Hellberg. We invited people who may give his version of the story. Additionally, there are parallels to making music. Then you have to have a team around him, you can not play all the instruments himself. And I had just said, and no one said anything critical, for example, then had my whole history been like slipping into a prawn sandwich.

The idea for a book about Nisse Hellberg and Wilmer X originally came from journalist and author Mike Sjöblom and initially was Nisse Hellberg hesitant about the idea.
– I did not know who Mike Sjöblom was and I was a bit skeptical but it was soon apparent that he had a good attitude. He had a dry style editor, a low profile. And he has not really put so much questions, more said that “now I had thought that we would talk a little about the 80′s,” then I’ve got to tell you.
Self reads Nisse Hellberg not so much books about music but happy about people – as well as musicians such as actor.
– I’ve read some biographies of musicians, of course, but in recent years it has become much history. Then, for example, Elvis my big idol and him, I have read many books on.
History of Nisse Hellberg and Wilmer X imagines Nisse Hellberg will be read by those who are interested in him and his music but hopefully more of too.
– I have pondered some of it is interesting. There’s no yummy rock’n’roll history à la Guns and Roses. But perhaps the most interesting because of it. It is a more unobtrusive history. I wanted to find the inner drama, what drove me. There’s also a picture of the rock artists who are so macho – I want to develop a picture of me that almost unsociable and shy.

Some more book will not be for Nisse Hellberg in the near future. He came with a disc spring that he still tours with and he has a side project.
– We call ourselves Bo-dogs and playing dirty garage rock – 14 songs in 32 minutes. This is something I’ve dreamed about a long time and we are releasing an album in a little low-key shapes in the fall and then we’ll see what happens. And it would at some point in the future become a book solely by Nisse Hellberg will be no thick novel.
– I have to learn the craft first serve basis. I have in themselves written some articles, it would be something maybe a collection of essays is closest at hand.


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