Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Samir: “I egged the front row” – Aftonbladet

YKSTAHOLM. Samir Badran wanted Gunilla Persson angry.

Therefore, he provoked the front row between Hollywood Wife and Aina Lesse.

– I always wanted to see Gunilla become a bit so sour, he says.

“Paradise Hotel” -kollegan smoke together with Gunilla Persson. But Samir Badran admits to Aftonbladet that he was the one who provoked the quarrel with Aina Lesse.

– I love to get excited and Katta up the mood so I started to say “Come on Aina, move you, let Gunillas fine bones appear in the picture. ” I love Ms, but I ran the course in order to stir up the mood and then became Gunilla crazy and threatened to walk away unless Aina moved on, says Samir Badran.

And he did not settle there but continued maneuvering to stir up the atmosphere further.

– Aina sat with a drink in hand, and when she changed hands I said, “but Aina now covers you after her leg again.” Gunilla was so fucking angry and shouted: “Take away that drink, this is prearranged.”

Samir does not hide his joy when he talks.

So you mean you incited up this altercation?

– Yes, a little, he says and laughs.

– Well, I’ve always wanted to see Gunilla become a little like this sur and I’m kidding of course, I’m not on someone’s page. I am friends with Margo and I am friends with Aina, but I thought it was so funny that it was such a big thing for Gunilla that her legs would be visible in the image.


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