Sunday, September 21, 2014

Colourless fall at home – Swedish Dagbladet

– Interiors Autumn 2014 is an incredible, extremely colorless autumn. It’s really sad. We will match the color beige with a little gray. For this gray and beige, we maybe the really exciting color off-white, says trend expert Stefan Nilsson.

He says the trend in home décor this fall, which is serious, serious and without flame, is a reaction to a troubled world .

– When there is turbulence in the world, we need security at home. That is why we are looking for this type of decor. We want to come home and rest and feel safe.

And to feel safe at home in the autumn he predicts that we will strive to buy fewer things but which are free to be a bit expensive and last longer . The materials that are hot is pure wood, copper and brass and heavy marble stone.

– We see, for example, pin the chair’s return as an example of the locally produced Swedish heritage and the severity and even the bench, both to sit and set things the. And above all, we will buy a dining table. And then it’s a trämatbord to be big and solid, where one can see ådringarna says Stefan Nilsson.

Self, he hopes that the major trend will soon be over and asks for more humor in the interior.

– But it will in 2015, I hope.


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