Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Swedish directing duo turned down biosuccén “Maze Runner” – Aftonbladet

The directors Bjorn Stein and Måns Mårlind turned down “Maze Runner”.

Now, the science fiction film has become one of the year’s biggest money machines.

– I thought it felt cliché, says Mårlind.

It could have been blue-yellow top.

But the duo Björn Stein, 43, and Måns Mårlind, 45, declined to direct the science fiction thriller “Maze Runner” which is now enjoying great success on biolistor worldwide.

Mårlind recon filming locations for the next Hollywood project “South China Sea “When he confirms that they turned down big movie after reading the script.

– I thought it felt very generic and cliché. I put great emphasis on the story and felt it was something we’ve seen before, like “The Hunger Games” and so on, he says.

raised over half a billion

opening weekend played “Maze Runner” into SEK 230 million just in the United States and became as clear as day one on the list. According to Box Office Mojo, the opening is one of the strongest ever for a movie premiering in September. International film pulled in another 350 million and is number one on biolistorna in countries such as Sweden and South Korea.

– When I saw the trailer I thought it was a very nice concept design. Then it was little: “Damn it!”, Ha ha. I think I was thinking a little too much on the story but it is not the thing but the environment. Moreover, it has a great ending that adds up to a continuation, he says.

Do you regret now that success is a fact?

– No, not in the slightest. I’m just glad it was a good movie of the screenplay, says Måns Mårlind.

“Maze Runner” directed by Wes Ball and starring visible “Teen Wolf” -skådespelaren Dylan O’Brien, 23

Negotiated with Cruise

Steins and Mårlinds “South China Sea” is an action movie in a pirate setting. Tom Cruise , 52, was considered for the lead role but the Hollywood star has left the ship.

– We could not get on with him even though it started very promising. Maybe it was the timing of the “Mission: Impossible 5 ‘not worked out. We have a list of actors we want to work with and we talk of dialogue with an actor who has asked me not to reveal who he is. It is clear that there will be no sweep, he says.


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