Monday, September 15, 2014

The jury argued about Lisa in the break – Expressen

Lisa Ajax cried tears of joy when she was called out as the first Friday finalist in “Idol,” followed closely by Mollie Lindén.

But, earlier in the evening she found herself in the middle of jury vicious brawl on the participants where Laila Bagge snorted and scoffed at Kishti Tomita.

– I find it very strange that you do not see such a talent. You can not say that she is talentless directly, says Laila Bagge afterwards.

Lisa Ajax and Mollie Linden became the first two to get further under Idols qualifying week, which plunged them into euphoria.

– I am in shock a little bit, I have to sit down here. I do not remember what I was thinking, time just stopped. But it’s great fun, says Mollie.

Lisa, who from the start has been praised by the jury and got Laila Bagge proclaiming her the winner during the audition tour, could not keep the joy the tears back when she was called as the first name.

– I feel totally sick. It’s unreal now, I can not believe it. One feels completely gone in the head, said Lisa.

Hot discussions

But the jury was not unanimous about her greatness. Having first fought on Kishti Tomitas talent Jennie Anderberg heated arguments erupted when Kishti would give his opinion about Lisa Ajax. Among other things, she thought that she is crippled and needs more experience.

Something got Laila Bagge snorting loudly, laughing and shaking his head.

– I think it is very strange that one does not see such a talent, I must say. You can not say that she is talentless, says Laila.

The hot discussions continued in the break.

– Yes, for Kishti think not, as I understood it, that she should proceed. For me it is strange not to send any further with such a singing voice, says Laila.


While Alexander Bard responded Kishtis statement.

– Either Kishti not seen Lisa singing “Addicted to You”, or so she decided just to make her bitching, I do not know which. Lisa’s a super talent and the Idol is she obvious. “Idol” today is more about singing proficient. To sing well with the voice you can train if you sing in a gospel choir.

Kishti Tomita chooses after the broadcast to tone down the row.

– That’s it, that’s your taste . So mote it be. I thought Lisa would grow into themselves, but that’s because I’m a voice teacher and has been here before. I look with different eyes.


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