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Winfrey in mourning – Day Taylor’s death – Expressen

Malin Winfrey and the family is in mourning.

Ex-Man Day Taylor, who she has children Christopher and Love together with, has tragically passed away.

– I will remember him as my hero and role model, says the son.

A week ago died Day Taylor , just 51 years old.

With Malin Winfrey got the former dancer Taylor Day two children: Son Christopher , 27, and daughter Love , 24.

For Expressen tells Christopher about missing his father.

– I will remember him as my hero and role model. But also as an incredibly loved person by many people. He has always been a source of energy and mainstay for all us kids, he says.

Christopher and his sister, Love, grew up in Järvsö with mom Malin Winfrey – but visited his father in Stockholm every other week.

Was always fun

– Dad and I have always had a very good relationship, even though I grew up in Järvsö along with my mom and bonus dad Tommy. But when my sister and I love to visit him every other week in Stockholm, we had always a lot of fun together. Since then, we worked together at the Daily News and we were together every day for two years, which I’m very grateful for.

Christopher had contact with his father as late as the day before Day died.

– I and my family have been an incredible support of loved ones. And we all miss him very much, says Christopher.

In the 80′s Day Taylor was one of the most successful dancer and performed with, among others, Emilio and Vito Ingrosso .

Malin Winfrey met Day when he danced behind her mom Barbro “Lill-Babs” Svensson .

Did Winfrey for 29 years

Malin Winfrey also talks about the grief.

– Day and I have known each other for 29 years so it’s a long time. We were very young parents with all that implies. And we got two amazing kids together. Day was the one who introduced me to exercise and later this morning when I did my squats, I thought of it. Strange is not it … He was my constant PT, says Malin Winfrey.

Her death is a heavy loss for Malin. Day lived, as she, in Mallorca.

– the day was the most beautiful man I have ever met. With a smile that was impossible not to be infected. Our relationship was very good the last five years, then we ended up a little in the same place in life. He was so happy to move to Mallorca and I was obviously overjoyed that he was here for our common children’s sake. He will be incredibly missed by so many, says Malin.

Each artist and manager

Malin try to be there for their children, to help them get through the difficult grief they find themselves.

– I talk to them every day several times a day and the most important thing I can do now is to be here on location in Mallorca where their father still says Malin.

Day worked additionally as a solo artist, and was for a period the manager for Alina Devecerski and Alice Gernandt (Ace Wilder).

– On later years, he worked in sales at the Daily News and started a private consulting firm, says Christopher.

Why Day passed away is still not clear, the autopsy that is expected to provide answers lingers.

– We know there was a pathology involved. But at present we do not know much about it, says Christopher.

Day Taylor was 51 years old. He is survived by children Christopher, Love, Niki , 15, and Noelle , 10th


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