Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Eva Dahlgren reveals its television gage – Gothenburg Post

Eva Dahlgren was awarded SEK 300 000 to set up in TV4′s success so much better. But she regrets her involvement in the program. It reveals artist podcast yard.

In an interview with the yard tells Eva Dahlgren about his career, family and whatever she puts her money on.

– I do not burn as much but I travel a lot, she says in the podcast.

She also says that she is not a great jumper. Instead Evfa Attling which accounts for the part:

I’m crappy shopper, a bit of a kill jumpers, going out shopping one once a year. I am vain and likes to have nice clothes, but I do not have the interest. Efva however, is of course a fashion oracle.

The fixed costs are high. The couple have two homes in Sweden, one in Italy and one in New York.

The artist also reveals what she got paid to set up the TV4 program So much better 2011. Gaget was about 300 000.

a lot of money, a year’s salary. And it was nice, then you have the one year in which to write.

She still regrets his involvement:

Yes, I thought that there would be more music. But I was just a figure Eva, you were not allowed to be yourself, she says to the shipyard.


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