Friday, September 26, 2014

Let the wolves get best audio book – Gothenburg Post

For the first time, it was double female victory in the Great Audiobook Prize. It goes to the writer Carol Rifka Brunt and uppläsaren Hanna Schmitz for the book, let the wolves come.

It was on Thursday afternoon at the Book Fair as the jury with President Amelia Adamo in the forefront revealed this year’s winners. Their choice fell on the novel Let the wolves get of the American writer Carol Rifka Brunt Hanna Schmitz from Månteatern Lund lent his voice to.

To the jury’s motivation:

“Let the wolves get is a warm and heartfelt developing novel set in New York in the 80s, in the shadow of the nascent AIDS catastrophe. With equal parts comedy and tragedy tells Carol Rifka Brunt a genuine generational history . Hanna Schmitz reading is engaging, captivating and with such energy that it is impossible to stop listening. “

The author felt very honored:

– I never thought that this little story about love, loss and unexpected friendship would reach so many people and cross so many boundaries. I feel very happy, says Carol Rifka Brunt.

This is the first time since the Great Audiobook prize was established that the award goes to female writers and commentators.

let the wolves come debuted on the New Times bästsäljarlister when it was released and has been sold in 16 countries. The novel moves between youth and adulthood.

The award consists of a scholarship of 50 000 SEK that Carol Rifka Brunt and Hanna Schmitz will share equally. They also got a piece of art was by Tove Adman.


Previous winners:
2013 Never wipe tears without gloves, writers and commentators Jonas Gardell
2012 Dog Boy, writer Eva Hornung, commentators Jonas Malmsjö
2011 The war is end, writers and commentators Morgan Alling
2010 100-year-old who climbed out the window and disappeared, author Jonas Jonasson, commentators Björn Granath
2009 A another life, author and speaker, Per-Olov Enquist


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