Thursday, September 25, 2014

Gothenburg first out in Melodifestivalen – Gothenburg Post

Gothenburg starts and two new cities are in separate races. Now let SVT cities and dates for Melodifestivalen 2015th

Gothenburg, Malmö, Östersund, Örebro, Helsingborg and Stockholm. There are cities that Melodifestivalen will visit 2015th

The all-new cities of the competition is Östersund and Helsingborg.

– We are pleased to present two new cities 2015 Going on tour means that the audience will have the opportunity to experience a great television broadcast in place and a unique opportunity for SVT Melodifestivalen and to meet more of our viewers, says Christel Tholse Willers , director of the Eurovision Song Contest in a press release.

Gothenburg tends to be that second or third city during the tour, but this time it starts the whole spectacle in Scandinavium.

This is what the tour schedule out:

Tour stop 1: Gothenburg Scandinavium 2.7

Tour stop 2: Malmö, Malmö Arena 2.14

Tour stop 3: Ostersund, Ostersund Arena 2.21

Heat 4: Orebro, Conventum 2.28

Second Chance: Helsingborg Helsingborg Arena 7.3

Final: Stockholm, Friends Arena 3.14


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