Saturday, September 13, 2014

Pharrell Williams | Globe Arena, Stockholm, Saturday – Gothenburg Post

Soul / Hip Hop

Pharrell Williams

Globen, Stockholm, Saturday

Best: The entire Globe dancing.

Worst: A little abrupt shifts between soft soul mood and sharp hip.

Audience: 9666

some point in life to see an American star artist perform live is truly something to be desired in the present. It rarely wrong. When you get one of those packages where the wrapping is thought out in every detail, then you can be pretty sure that the content is also something to be reckoned with. How can the expectation of a concert with Pharrell Williams look like. Soul and hip hop legend Arens sense of aesthetics coupled with his musical super powers has done everything he has taken in recent years to gold.

When his awaited DEAR GIRL-tour rolls into the Globe feels immediately that also Pharrell Williams have high expectations for the evening. Headlights are initially directed against us. He wants to see us dance from the start, and he promises us a special guest at the end. A surprise will be a well-timed symbol of his feminist engagement. But first dance, we sweat to COME GET IT Bae, Hunter and Marilyn Monroe.

We served impressive dance of girls in Dearborn Baes and hugely stylish psychedelic graphic decoration. And of course a super tight band.

The concert will be followed by the an odyssey through Pharrell Williams Hip Hop collaborations with colleagues such as Jay-Z and Snoop Dogg, and then returned to his own Girl albums. As an elegant gesture lets Pharrell Williams round off the evening with the successful låtmakandet together with Daft Punk. Lose Yourself to dance follows an extra-everything version of Get Lucky. That he serves as Happy last song before we dance out of the arena is an equally obvious that the expected gift. Yet we become tokglada and surprised – because it comes with Schyman on stage and a call to the audience to put today’s votes on women.

A happy pill that suck on for a while come.


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