Friday, September 12, 2014

Hedonisternas hedonist is gone – Swedish Dagbladet

I had worked unusually late Wednesday evening. Olga woke me up in the morning with a cup of coffee in bed, and had just turned on the news on BBC6. There, they said that Robert “Throb” Young had died.

Namen. No! Then they played Primal Screams beautiful “Higher than the sun”.

Throb had recently turned 49, he was Primal Screams guitarist, perhaps best known for hitting the characteristic riff in “Loaded” on the album “Screamadelica “from, 1991.

He died Tuesday night at home in Hove, where the small town on the south coast of England, which has grown together with the neighbor Brighton.

Young started Primal Scream in Glasgow in 1984 together with singer Bobby Gillespie and their huvudsaklige composer Andrew Innes.

Sometime in the beginning of this century began Throb seen less and less in – and with – the band. On tours, he was replaced by new guitarists, after a while he attended was not even on the recordings. Finally he took the official holiday from his coat indefinitely.

“Higher than the sun” was a more fitting song to play to throbs memory than perhaps any other of Primal Scream.

According to police reports, quoted in the British press on Thursday suspected nothing criminal. But Throb was also the most hedonistiske member of that already documented, uh, hårdhedonistiska little band that formed Primal Scream. When the others had left that part of his life behind him slid Throb slowly but surely out of Primal Scream. “Higher than the sun”, as I said.

Self I listened just another Scream ballad, “Damaged”, and toasted Throb with a glass of non-alcoholic beer.

its nätfanzine Louder Than War wrote journalist John Robb last night a short obituary of Throb: “One of the neat rock’n’roll rollers who Understood That swagger was part of the art and That rock’n’roll was about freedom and escape and Noise at whatever cost. “

Well, Throb was rock’n’roll get. Chronically hidden behind a tangled raven Slash-burr and always in leather pants. Same leather pants.

But the image of Throb myself taking with me from the very first gig I did with Primal Scream. On the upper floor of a pub in Hammersmith summer 1986th Even when he wore those leather pants but friendly striped t-shirt and suede jacket. Before him counted purung Bobby Gillespie in “It Happens” and “Velocity Girl”.

It is actually possible to Throb played bass that night. I really do not remember really.

But it was one of those evenings when pop music meant more than anything. Although it was long, long before Scream was turned into the late 1990s, most political placard musical unit.

And just as I write these last few lines, I play The Radio depts new single. It’s called “Death to fascism.”

The fight goes on.

Bye, Throb.


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