Monday, September 15, 2014

Fi fan, which coup – Aftonbladet

Schyman did Pharrell Williams joined the Globe during his concert yesterday.

The superstar accused of sexism fished votes to Fi-leader.

– We do not support his music, but he wanted to support us, says Schyman.

Pharrell Williams , 41, play on Globen in Stockholm yesterday became a valkupp.

Schyman , 66, a spokesperson for the Feminist Initiative, Fi, did superstar party on stage.

In the finale with the hit song “Happy” came Schyman up and danced along to the music.

– I was in the finals, it was very fun. I’ve had great home parties before, but this one took the prize, says Schyman.

Fi leader swayed with the beat of the music and let the artist do the talking. He drew the attention of today’s election and invited visitors to vote for the party.

– It’s time to know how it feels to have women at the table of power, he said.

“He heard of the “

Fi-leader and Pharrell Williams met earlier on Saturday.

– Pharrell got in touch. He had heard about our successes and our policies. He is a committed feminist and want to do their bit to help, it is of course great fun, says Schyman.

In an interview with Time earlier this year told the artist that he does not call himself a feminist but that he supports feminists.

– I do not think it is possible for me to be there. I am a man.

Last year produced Pharrell Williams ‘Blurred Lines’ ate Robin Thicke , one of the most controversial songs in 2013, which included lines like “I’ll Give You Something big enough to tear your ass in two. “

The song has been criticized for encouraging rape and misogyny and the artists were accused of sexism.

– I want to support women but that does not I’m not going to make a new song in which women’s butts are everywhere, said Williams in February.

“Is much sexism”

social media coup was met by mixed reactions. Many were critical of that Schyman shared the stage with artist criticized for its view of women.

Schyman says she thought about sexism criticism of the artist.

– There is a lot of sexism in all forms of music. We do not support his music, but he wanted to support us and think it is important to have human rights and feminism. He wanted to make a difference and we appreciate that says Schyman.


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