Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sexhämnden in “Paradise Hotel” No, no, no – Aftonbladet

Carl Åbergs comeback created chaos.

After that he turned away the competition reunited him with Saga Scott in the bedroom.

– The best thing was that She got back a little because she had had sex with Kristian, by letting me come a little ahead, said Carl Atkins.

Saga Scott , 25, wept when Carl Atkins , 21, was forced to leave “Paradise Hotel.”

She went on to have sex with Kristian Tälje Sheet , 24th

When Carl made a comeback in tonight’s episode was the emotional chaos.

– I was very, very happy when he came back. There were a lot of emotions on that day and the week. I had just been with Kristian and then came Calle, and Amandus told Kristian had feelings for me. It was a bit too much drama and a lot of guys, Saga says Scott.

“Ugly Game”

But today is her feelings for Calle anything but warm.

– In there, I thought about the street, but when I see it today, I’ll just become irritated. He had gone behind my back a little too hard with the mermaids (Jasmine Schrewelius), paktat with her and talked shit to me, he was a completely different person. That’s not like me, it’s ugly game. Had I known the smallest I had done differently, she says.

Carl Atkins returned to the program as a voodoo priest, according to this week’s voodoo theme.

The program is instructed to insert needles in any of the other guys voodoo dolls. In this way he makes the guy can not choose partners for yourself in the upcoming parceremonin. In addition, over the guy’s partner.

He chose to stick needles in Amandus Allstadius , and thereby become Saga Scott’s partner.

– Actually, it was no question about it, I had missed her so much. I did not care about the game. I just wanted to be with her, he says.

retaliated in bed

After the ceremony reunited Carl Atkins and Saga Scott as partners – and celebrating with sex.

But when Carl is a little too quick to reach climax screaming saying “no, no, no” and calls him an idiot.

– We had återföreningssex and was very excited. The best thing was that she got back a little because she had sex with Kristian by letting me come a little ahead, said Carl.

Saga sighs when she hears the comment.

– The was well good to be with him if he did it to get revenge so it only proves that he is not worth anything, she says.


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