Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Jessica Almenäs Sues Accountant – Gothenburg Post

Jessica Almenäs refuse to pay a bill of 70 000.

“A matter of principle,” writes Lets Dance-presenter in a text message to Expressen.

Now, sued her in the 70 000 of its auditor for unpaid fees.

According to the newspaper lodged a lawsuit to the District Court of Stockholm a week . Where the auditor claims that Jessica Almenäs to pay 69,985 crowns in fees and any costs.

The background to the dispute is a bill that includes the auditor’s fees, travel and hotel costs.

“I do not intend to pay the full cost of travel to Stockholm because I know that you have met other clients while you were here, “said Jessica Almenäs in emails to the auditor in January, according to Expressen.

The lawsuit claims auditor to Jessica Almenäs not have the right to object, as they raised too late. In a text message to Expressen TV host makes clear why she chose to go ahead:

“We do not agree with the auditor’s invoice simply. Matter how big or small the amount is, it’s a matter of principle for me to pursue this Furthermore, when I did not think it went quite right. “

She is hopeful a solution:” I have full confidence in the judiciary and will abide by their decision. “

Auditor’s representatives would not comment on the dispute, according to Expressen.


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