Monday, September 29, 2014

Swedish Hollywood – Aftonbladet

Babak Najafi can make Hollywood debut.

He is current as director for “London has fallen,” reports Variety.

Fredrik Bond , 36, was directing “London has fallen,” the sequel to “Olympus has fallen.”

But earlier in September, the he project.

Now, Variety reports that “Sebbe” -regissören Babak Najafi is in negotiations to take over the director’s chair.

If Najafi write on it becomes His first English-speaking film.

Recordings kicks off in October. Among others participate Morgan Freeman Aaron Eckhart Angela Bassett and Melissa Leo in the film.

According to Variety left Bond project due to creative differences.

Babaf Najafi has made films like “Sebbe” (2010) and “Fast Cash 2″ (2012).


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