Thursday, September 25, 2014

Changes the rules – for love – Aftonbladet

Christer Yrjas, 41,

sheep farmer, Degeberga.

Looking for a nice guy to go to a flea market rounds with.

– I think it’s great fun to dance. It’s very fun to dance the foxtrot with a guy, but it’s not so common.

Jonathan Antonsson, 27, Organic meat farmer, Orust.

Looking for a driven girl who longs for family life.

– Clean urban girls do not work when you live in the country. I have tried. It’s a great opportunity to show what I’m looking for the girl.

Johan Lindgren, 36, Organic dairy farmer, Broby .

Looking for a kind-hearted girl, preferably someone from another culture.

– I want a girl to share life with; it is my goal with the program.

Oskar Caster, 25, Do horses and chickens, Hoor.

Bug happy guy looking for a nice girl.

– The program has taught me to talk more openly in public.

Madeleine Kihlberg, 60, Breeder of alpacas, Rejmyre.

Looking for an independent and adventurous man.

– It has been incredibly fulfilling to be with.

Sebastian Davidsson, 33,

conducts forestry, small-scale meat production and works extra in civil protection, Anderstorpsvägen.

Looking for a training interested person laughs.

– I was single last year and felt it was time to take chance. I have followed the “Farmer Wants a Wife” since the first season and I believe in the program idea.

Erik Nilsson, 23, Sheep and pig farmer, Pilas.

Looking for a humble girl who can unleash.

– I got performance anxiety in dating on television.

Peter Karlsson, 52, Meat Farmer, Tanumshede, Bohuslän.

Looking for a good woman to ride motorbike with.

– I was very nervous when I should date before the cameras.


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