Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Praise Lasse Kronér got to drive the tram – Gothenburg Post

For her performance as an entertainer both the TV screen and the musical is in year Gothenburg track roads Cultural Lasse Kronér, which among other things will see his name on one of the trams.

– It was terribly fun to drive the tram, if you somehow are unemployed – search you there, ‘he said at the ceremony.

At “The terminus Culture Prize 2014″ at Queen Square 435 streetcar rolls in with Lasse Kronér as a driver. To a fanfare, he received the award which consists of 10 000 and a sculpture. He also receives a tram named after him.

– I’ve always had my fun “line” that I have not received any tram that I have been to so many ticket checks. But this feels very honored, I was absolutely thrilled when I found out about it, he says.

For the 19th consecutive year Gothenburg tram out its Culture Award to a dear Gothenburgers.

– The award goes to a person who has strong ties to Gothenburg or a Gothenburg Profile, says Åsa Berndtson, Head of Communications at the Gothenburg tram.

Lasse Kronér says that he is not riding as much tram recent years when he lived outside the city. But now he is back in the center and about to start traveling more tram.

– But I will just go my tram, he says and laughs.

The reasons that he gets the price is among other things, that he brought a piece of Gothenburg to the entire country’s TV sofas.

– Many celebrities find it fun to get their name on a tram. They are a part of the cityscape in Gothenburg, says Åsa Berndtson.

Culture Prize has its history in the 1992, a contest where Gothenburgers got suggestions on people whose names they wanted to see on the trams. It resulted in to 150 trams were baptized. Four years later it was taken a decision that this would become a tradition in cooperation with Gothenburg’s cultural committee. In previous years, including Carl Einar Häckner, Maria Lundqvist and The Spotnicks received the prize.

Lasse Kronér does not hesitate for a second where he would go if he had to choose.

– Brazil, but it is a little difficult to put the tracks there just.


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