Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Perrellis Evitaklänningar stolen – Gothenburg Post

This Saturday is the premiere of Evita at Gota Lejon. With just days left shaken musical now of a burglary.

– Someone has stolen Charlotte Perrellis dresses! They are worth $ 70 000 each, says the distressed producer Åsa Holmgren.

The burglary on musical theater Gota Lejon in central Stockholm was discovered on Tuesday afternoon, when the ensemble came to work .

– At first we thought it was “only” a few tools that have been stolen. Since we noted that the thieves also made shoes, jewelery and perfume. Eventually we discovered that they also picked by the Charlotte Perrellis both dresses, big gigantic artwork designed by Camilla Thulin. They have taken 50 hours to sew, sighs Åsa Holmgren, producer of the musical Evita at Gota Lejon.

The total value of the stolen items is estimated at 170 000.

Goes the selling Evita Peron dresses

– I think not. There are two extravagant stage dresses, who would walk around in those

How does Charlotte Perrelli on theft

– We are all saddened, especially Charlotte. The thieves’ve been in her private dressing room and snooping around in her stuff. Accessed both her perfume and dresses. It is of course terrible.

Do not be the door to the barn locked?

– No, we usually never lock here. There should be no need to.

Have you had previous burglary

– Yes, we had it in Priscilla, our last production. Then it was wine and spirits disappeared.

How will you protect yourself against burglars in the future?

– It is difficult to protect completely but we will of course replace and redo all our locks.

is the premiere on Saturday in danger?

– No, it should not be . We just had an emergency meeting with Camilla Thulin and she’ll try to sew some dresses for the premiere. Something has to Charlotte wear, says Åsa Holmgren.

The burglary is reported to the police.


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