Thursday, September 18, 2014

Jill Johnson | Rondo, Thursday – Gothenburg Post

dinner show

Jill Johnson

Rondo, Thursday

Best: Desperado

Worst: between songs

Audience: 855 people. Crowded.

Cookbook. Crystal Price. Pub Show. It is very Jill Johnson now, and in retrospect it feels most fully given. Jill’s porch was a brilliant TV shows and of course Jill Johnson will make dinner show, the glittrigare and shinier the better.

If you buy that Ängelholm-Jill is Sweden’s country queen you also live with that she is closer to Shania Twain and Martina McBride more than dimmed singers like Gillian Welch and Iris DeMent. And her Las Vegas gadget works, absolutely, Jill’s Rat Pack tribute is both sleek and stylish.

Without having seen the spring show at the Hamburger Exchange, the one that Jill now taken to Gothenburg and running on Rondo throughout the fall, I find it hard to believe that it would have lost some momentum on the road.

Jill Johnson has one of Sweden’s safest vocals comes as no surprise, sometimes she sings almost unreal good, nor that she feels so unpretentious and relaxed on stage. It’s not always easy to get along a salon drunken tavern audience but if it is not already set in the marinated venison and cod had eaten enough of Jill’s hand. Her stage presence is infectious and enthusiasm not to mention the heat coming from the stage fills sometimes entire premises.

So everything is hunky-dory? Hunky dory from start to finish? No, unfortunately not. The biggest problem is probably that Jill Johnson did not have enough good original songs to keep it interesting for 90 minutes. Sure, she picks from throughout his career (we get a nice love is and a handful of versions of Crazy in Love) and she chooses her cover songs (Bruce, Eagles, Neil Young) with care, but the show pulled right with a pair of right tough journey.

I also feel some of the dance numbers rather meaningless and that vibrant video art which I assume will reinforce the impression of Jill Johnson’s songs work honestly no further. Hans Marklund’s script is well nor in cross all times. If you do not have anything harder than a fear of flying to share with the audience, and Jill Johnson seems to have no dirty linen in which needs to be washed, then do not deal out of it.

Move on. Run an Eagle Cover to. Or give a little more room for Goran Eriksson. His guitar playing on Doug Seegers-hit Going down to the river, as Jill sings course, is nothing less than brilliant.


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