Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The comedian took revenge on his bullies – Swedish Dagbladet

Karin Adelsköld was flabbergasted when she received a Facebook message from an old school friend who wanted her to do a gig. Especially as he bullied her from 6th gear and throughout high school.

Any excuse she had not and therefore wrote an ironic answer to how she was subjected to bullying at school. How he and others made her life hell. “Maybe something about how you pushed, beaten and groped. Or maybe something about how you called me the ugliest in school so often that I finally believed it? Could also pull a little joke about how you got on with your girls in the class who talked shit, hid my panties and poured water in my shoes every gymnastics lesson and froze me out. And then garnish my attention with some funny things about broken self-esteem, suicidal thoughts, and years of anxiety. For that, I take 50,000 + VAT on the invoice. Do we have a deal? “

Karin Adelsköld put out the conversation on twitter, which were widely distributed. She says to Expressen: “This is what there response to speech that you would really want to give back then. Then one always wanted to say when they showered me in the toilet to ‘to hell with you know, 25 years from now, I will get the whole Twitter to laugh at you.’ “


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