Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bard had happily exploded even more against Kishti – Aftonbladet

The smoke together during shipment.

Now repentant Alexander Bard that he did not go harder on Kishti Tomita.

– I could exploded more, he says.

Alexander Bar d was very pleased with guest judge Daniel Breitholtz.

But he was not with the other guest jurors.

“Hard sold her”

On Monday, smoke Bard together with Kishti Tomita , 50 .

– She came in and just hard sold his girl. It felt trashy. She started crying in the box and no one took anything. Her comments were strange and confused. She was not good, he says.

Two days later, Alexander Bard knows that he could have gone harder.

– I could have exploded much more, but I guess I was a little rusty , he says.

Counted with fractions

Daniel Breitholtz saw the program at home, and reckoned that even he would be disciplined by the “Idol” Jury yesterday.

– I feel Kishti. She can not fake tears, she’s Kishti! I thought it was pretty funny television. They had been pressing to me today too. I am an intern student here, he says.


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