Thursday, September 18, 2014

Staged psychosis still interesting – Expressen

It is five years since we discovered Anna Odell.

SVT reminiscent of how it happened.

“Scandal!” named the new series about some of the recent best-known cultural brawl, but the witty vignette suggests that the working title was possibly “Punch in the mouth.”

It matters less. The series delves into art that served as a punch in the face, and therefore led to any kind of scandal. Each episode is a half hour long, which is just enough to remind you, to learn something more and once again have to think about art and people’s relationship to it.

To begin with the story of Anna Odell and her staged psychosis is smart; that particular incident angered so many and the ensuing debate was hardly over. Most remember the College of Arts graduate who was forced posted, how she then revealed that she faked and that it was all a well-planned thesis.

In this program, many have their say and it’s interesting to hear what the different the parties have to say with a bit of distance. Relevant staff at St George’s Hospital is still pissed off, while a senior consultant in psychiatry give Odell right to compulsory care needed to be discussed and improved.

Anna Odell’s biggest critic, physician David Eberhard, had a great role in the debate – and thus the artwork itself. It seems he certainly agree; in the program, he says that with tongue in cheek could argue that he created Anna Odell.

Today, we know Anna Odell as acclaimed Guldbaggegatan Winners and established artist. But it started with a punch in the face is not straightforward, and it is still interesting to discuss.

Next week there will be screaming cake.


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