Saturday, September 13, 2014

Schyman valspurtade with superstar – Dagbladet

“Well, it was the largest home party so far, said Schyman after the concert.”

Some election speech did not happen for her, rather she be content to stand next and listen when Pharrell Williams urged the audience to vote the party into parliament.

“No, I listened more. But it felt just fine.”

The initiative to conduct came under Schyman from Pharell Williams himself.

“He called and was very well informed, wanted to meet and support us in the election.”

Pharrell Williams produced during the last year, the song “Blurred Lines” for Robin Thicke, whose line of text “I’ll Give You Something big enough to tear your ass in two” offended by many. But there was nothing she discussed with Williams when they met earlier in the day.

“It’s not that we are supporting control the songs he does, but it was he who wanted to support us, and I thought that was very nice. “

TT: Do you think this is enough to get you over the four percent threshold

” I believe that we will reach over four percent. And it is a result of the enormous work which many people have done for a long time., it is not crucial to this kind of thing. “


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