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14:00: Europe closed borders

Fabrizio Gatti in a conversation with Elise Karlsson.

With his reportage “Bilal – On the slave route to Europe” (Celan Flinders publishers) clinched the Italian journalist Gatti many people’s eyes on Europe’s borders against migrants. With classic wallraffande which method Gatti has given migrants faces and voices.

15:00 Portrait of a changing world

Tom Rachman in a conversation with Adam Svanell.

British-Canadian Tom Rachman was hailed for his novel depicting journalism as a dying art form, “The imperfect”. With the new “Great powers rise and fall” (Weyler publishers), he takes an even greater grasp of the world.

15:30 Arabian Peninsula Future

Bitte Hammargren in a conversation with Elise Karlsson.

Bitte Hammer Grens vast knowledge of international politics is well known for SvD reader. In his new book “The Gulf – A future powder keg” (Leopard publishers) signs she initiated the Arabian peninsula’s future.

16:00 Is masculinity a problem?

Marcus Priftis and Henrik Bromander in a conversation with Adam Svanell.

In the controversial book “The nasty sex” (Leopard publishers) tries SvD-writer Marcus Priftis launch a new male ideal, while Henry Brom Anderson has devoted both comic books and the novel “Break down all the temples” (Atlas) to depict abuses of contemporary masculinity.

16:30 What is the future of cultural journalism out

Lisa Irenius in a conversation with Fredric corps.

Meet Lisa Irenius, Svenska Dagbladet’s elect of Cultural Affairs, in an interview with the magazine’s editor in chief Fredric corps. How will the culture of journalism look like in the future

17:00 When women hit back

Katarina Wennstam in a conversation with Lina Kalmteg.

What happens to a society where half the population does not know that the justice system is on their side? In her latest suspense novel “Shadows” (Albert Bonnier publishing house), the author investigates and SvD columnist Catherine Wennstam what happens when a group of women suddenly start to take revenge on the men.

17:30 Muthärva with a twist

JARGONISTIC in a conversation with Adam Svanell.

The people dear author Klas Ostergren is triple the current in the fall, with the film version of the classic “Gentlemen”, with entry into the Swedish Academy and with a brand new novel, “The Twist” (Nature & amp; culture), a tale of love, bribery and Stockholm as a city.

18:00 Series contemporary comment

Meet one half of the series creates the pair Berglin, Jan Berglin, well known among Svenska Dagbladet’s readers. This year he visits the show with “Berglin’s great book on body and health” (Wahlstrom & amp; Widstrand.)


10:00 Then took venture capitalists over

Jan Almgren & amp; Carolina Neurath presents his new book.

What are the Swedish venture capitalists? SvD’s business reporters January Almgren and Carolina Neurath have visited their closed world and talk about it for us based on the recently published book “The Swedish venture capitalists” (Collins).

10:30 Small fortunes in a big war

Peter Englund in a conversation with Anders Björkman Q.

This year marks 100 years since the First World War began. In “1914 – strife beauty and sadness” (Nature & amp; culture) portrays Peter Englund many of the fortunes affected by the war.

11:00 The woman who got turned down by Gustaf Frödingshöjd

Sigrid Combüchen in a conversation with Lina Kalmteg.

How do you write about a man who history has rejected? In “The dispensable” (Collins) is given the author and the SVD-employee Sigrid Combüchen grips with Ida Brooks Mann’s fate, the woman who försmåddes of Frödingshöjd.

12:00 Crying young people and adults at the same things?

Carol Rifka Brunt in a conversation with Elise Karlsson.

To write about the AIDS epidemic in the 80s based on a 14 year old girl’s perspective is not obvious. But Carol Rifka Brunt has in its acclaimed crossoverbok “Let the wolves come” (like books) done just that.

13:00 Experiences from the industry’s highest peak

PG Gyllenhammar in a conversation with Jan Almgren.

“Whatever is strong” (Albert Bonnier publishing house) looks PG Gyllenhammar back on his career, drawing lessons from it, and criticizes business structures. For SvD Enterprise January Almgren, he reveals what he has learned.

13:30 Being gentle with yourself

Agneta Lagercrantz in an interview with Today, the side Maria Carling .

In his new book “Självmedkänsla” (Nature & amp; culture) explains Agneta Lagercrantz how it can pay to be kind to yourself. Self-criticism is not always the best means of success or well-being.

15:00 Family Drama with the Beatles as the soundtrack

Ninni Holmqvist in a conversation with Lina Kalmteg.

Ninni Holmqvist will return as a writer after the success of “Drive”. New novel “Just like starting over” (Collins) is a family drama that has its foundation in the 60′s, The Beatles as the soundtrack.

16.00 bygone world

Sara Stridsberg in a conversation with Elise Karlsson.

It’s about the notorious mental hospital Beckomberga Sara Strid’s latest novel “Beckomberga. Ode to My Family “(Albert Bonnier publishing house) moves. A world unto itself, where Stridsberg lets his literary universe move into. Stridsberg converses with SvD’s Elise Karlsson, who has written about Beckomberga in the article “Beckombergas door opens again.”

16:30 Three women at hour zero

Lotta Lundberg in a conversation with Anders Björkman Q.

Lotta Lundberg’s “Hour Zero” (Nature & amp; culture) is dedicated to SvD’s legendary Middle East correspondent Cordelia Edvardsson. And her mother’s fate is one of the three depicted in a novel that moves between the different locations and eras.

17:00 From the street to hip hop scenes

Ison Glasgow and Emil Arvidson in a conversation with Adam Svanell.

Ison Glasgow duo from Ison & amp; Phil is one of several Swedish rapper whose life is depicted in book form this fall. In the biography “When I had nothing” (Bromberg), he talks about his turbulent upbringing for journalist Emil Arvidson.


10:00: How do you write a bestseller

Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg in a conversation with Lina Kalmteg.

Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg’s ladies in Senior League has been loved by many readers. Meet the woman behind the international bestsellers “Coffee with robbery” and “Borrow’s silver mug is gold”

(Bokförlaget Forum).

11:00: Hans Fallada – a bästsäljares Renaissance

Aimée Delblanc in a conversation with Anders Björkman Q.

The German writer Hans Fallada has received an unprecedented revival in recent years. Aimée Delblanc, which has made new translations of Falladas breakthrough novel, “How will this be for the pin’s?” (Lind & Co.), talks about a great writer and a fascinating life story with Anders Q Bjorkman, who has written about the author in the story “The Case Fallada . “

12:00 Jourhavande historians called out

Dick Harrison presents his new book.

With his historical knowledge is author Dick Harrison one of Svenska Dagbladet’s most popular writers. Meet him at our booth, where he talks about “On-call historian called out again” (Collins).

Swedish Dagbladet booth seats B02: 33rd


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