Sunday, September 14, 2014

Kanye West demanded that the wheelchair would rise – Aftonbladet

Kanye West demanded that the audience would rise during a concert.

Hip Hop Star canceled the gig when a wheelchair-bound visitors could not make it, according to the Daily Mail.

– This is the longest I have had to wait for it to appear, it’s unbelievable, the West have said.

Kanye West wreaked a scandal gig in Sydney on Friday night.

According to the Daily Mail refused the artist occur until everyone in the audience stood up.

When a person waving a prosthetic leg to be Kanye West have said that it was quiet , the paper said.

The song “Good Life” started playing but was stopped quickly when Kanye West discovered that a person still sat down.

– This is the longest I have had to wait for emerge, it is inconceivable, he said from the stage according to the Daily Mail.

Sent bodyguard at the visitor

But the male visitor who not stood up sat not left in protest.

but because he was wheelchair-bound, according to the Daily Mail.

Despite the fact that the audience should have shouted to the artist to concert visitor was in a wheelchair called Kanye West evidence.

therefore sent he down his guard to check that the man actually could not stand up.

Fury on Twitter

The audience will have heard Kanye West shout out to his bodyguard: “He’s in a wheelchair? It’s okay! “Says the Daily Mail.

On Twitter users raged against Kanye West’s treatment of concert goers.

” Disgusting behavior, Kanye. You suck, “wrote one user.


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