Friday, September 12, 2014

Gry Forsell mocked Camilla Läckberg’s love – Aftonbladet

Åldershånet became too much. Now rages Camilla Läckberg against Gry Forsell podcast joke. “This did not feel right,” she wrote in a text message that Gry Forsell reads in “Home at Dawn.”

Gry Forsell åldershånade Camilla Läckberg’s love Simon Shield in his podcast. It made thriller writer to rage – and send a mile-long sms to Gry Forsell. “You know that over the years I always took the time with equanimity, but it is when it comes to me. However, takes offense when another man suffer because he happens to fall in love with me, so this did not feel right “, she writes in SMS is said Gry Forsell in the podcast” The home of Dawn. ”

Invented letter

She says that SMS is is totally authentic – unlike the fictional letter Simon Shield were reportedly sent in last week’s episode. It was full of misspellings and was about to Simon Shield does not know how to behave now that he’s with an “official woman” and “go to the hubbub.” In Läckberg’s sms she points out that she has chosen a public life. “But take sick offended that Simon should be ridiculed and portrayed in a way that is not true. He is the opposite of the picture that you painted up in the pod, “reads the SMS is under Gry Forsell.

Gry celebrates Läckberg

When Nöjesbladet reaches Gry Forsell celebrates her Camilla Läckberg. – I love the people who have direct communication, to hear from her directly, there are pigs cool of her, she says. She also points out that they have been talking and have no quarrel. – She did not just our joke was funny, she says. Already today, Gry Forsell to meet Camilla Läckberg and Simon Shield eye to eye. – They’re the guest in her today, so where will they give their view on the whole, says Camilla Läckberg’s press contact Christina Saliba Nöjesbladet.


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