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suffragettes, gentlemen, Thailand Swedes and Morriseyfans. And police officers. Here is the SVT series over the next few years.






suffragettes, gentlemen, Thailand Swedes and Morriseyfans. And police officers. Here is the SVT series over the next few years.


“Fjällbacka Murders”
Camilla Läckberg’s west coast-based crime writer Erica and her policeman husband’s back. Autumn round starts with reruns from 2012, the last two sections are new.
Premiere 9.21 in BBC1 (5 x 60 min)


  “Digicode 1525″
Web series focusing on high school youth are back. Agnes and Steph (Happy Jankell, Fanny Klefelt) is moving towards the student. The series is created by Louise Pope & amp; Linnea Roxeheim. Premiere 10.07 on (8 x 14-19 min)

Relationskomedi in short format, directed by Felix Herngren. Jennie Silfverstrand Hjelm and Andreas Olsson T plays the couple who have been together for ten years and must decide whether to continue, they were too. Premiere 30/10 SVT Flow (8 x 10 min)

  “Blue Eyes”
High-voltage thriller at the highest political level with Louise Peter Hoff doing the lead role as the Ministry’s head ends up in a deep tangle conspiracy which includes a right-wing terrorist group. “Native people” -författaren Alex Haridi has written the script. Premiere 30/11 in BBC1 (10 x 60 min)

  “Viva Hate”
New Drama Series signed Peter Birro who delves into his youthful Gothenburg in the 90s to the sounds of Morrissey. Norwegian Jens Lien is the director and the cast are Tom Ljungman, Lena Endre and Anastasio Soulis.
premiere in late December BBC1 (3 x 60 min)

  “Another time, another life”
Sequels to Leif GW Persson-based “A pilgrim’s tears” that revolves around the occupation of the West German embassy in 1975 and an unsolved bögmord 1989 Rolf Lassgård is back Lars Martin Johansson, currently Head of the Security Service. Helena af Sandberg and Claes Malmberg is also in the cast. Kristian Petri represents trainer. premiere in January 2015 in BBC1. (3 x 60 min)

  “Earth Shot”
Loaded drama thriller about a police lieutenant Eve (Moa Gammel) who suddenly gets a new track after their seven years missing daughter. Series creator Henrik Bjorn stands for trainer. premiere in spring 2015 in BBC1. (10 x 60 min)

  “Arne Dahl”
The second season of the A-group. His colleague Kerstin Holm (Malin Arvidsson) forwarded to the new leader of the violent end trade reconnaissance group. Based on Arne Dahl’s detective suite. premiere in spring 2015 in the BBC1 (10 x 60 min)

drama thriller with, among others, Mia Skäringer and Joel Spira in the lead roles. Vera gets her life ruined and trying to start over in the small town Ängelby. The series is created by John Kindblom and Tomas Tivemark. premiere in 2015 in BBC1. (12 x 45 min)

  “Miss Frimans war”
The battle bringing the ladies around Dagmar Friman (Sissela Kyle) is back for a second season and this time taking the fight for women’s suffrage. Premiere Christmas 2015 BBC1 (3×60 min)

Third time lucky for Saga Norén, county Crimea, Malmö. This season she will cope without her Danish sidekick Martin Rohde (Kim Bodnia have dropped out) although she will continue her work with the Copenhagen Police. premiere in autumn 2015 in BBC1 (10 x 60 min)

  “30 degrees in February,”
Another returner. The acclaimed box-office success of Swedes seeking a new and warmer life in Thailand is back with a second season. Series creator Anders Weidemann is left as head writer and the director is Emiliano Goessens, Andrea Ostlund and Hakan Combos. premiere in 2016 in BBC1.

  “Gentlemen & amp; gangsters “
Mastodon Project starting with a feature film premiered on December 5 years and will continue in 2016 with a major TV series in four parts. Based on Klas Östergren contemporary classic “Gentlemen” from 1980 and the sequel “Gangsters” that came 25 years later. Screenwriter: JARGONISTIC and Mikael Marcimain directing. premiere in 2016 in BBC1 (4 x 90 min)

  Nordic & amp; European co

Norwegian thriller where two young boys are drawn into a web of crime around a biker gang. Thriller from NRK. One man’s foster mother is additionally society and the police chief leading the investigation of the murders. Premiere 24/11 (6 x 60 min)

  “Brothers” The second season of the Danish relationship drama that revolved around the legacy of a famous female artist. The four adult children faced great pressure. premiere in spring 2015 in the BBC1 (7 x 60 min)

  “The fight for the heavy water”
Norwegian major investment with international overtones which dramatizes the true story of the resistance fighters who planned and carried out sabotage of the heavy water plant in Norway Rjukan in 1943 to prevent the German production of a nuclear bomb. premiere in spring 2015 in BBC1. (6 x 45 min)

Even more Norwegian drama. Nicolai Creve Broch plays Aksel Borgen who left their home in Norway 20 years ago after being acquitted of the murder of his girlfriend. The murdered girlfriend’s mother is played by Lena Endre. premiere in autumn 2015 in BBC1. (10 x 45 min)

Norwegian thriller that revolves and greed set in the world of newspapers. An investigative reporter gets wind of a great revelation, the problem is that the tracks leading to the journalist’s own brother, the president of one of Norway’s largest companies. premiere in 2015 in BBC1. (6 x 60 min)

Danish drama set in the restaurant world. The duo Martin and Dion awakens a common dream of opening an eatery, while both wrestle with a lot of problems. premiere in 2015 in BBC1. (16 x 30 min)

Independent continuation of the Icelandic crime series from Hammer RUV broadcast on BBC1 2010/2011. Detective Helgi Marvin Runar son is asked to investigate two incidents in the small community of Snaefellsnes. A bank adviser has been found dead with a gun beside him. premiere winter 2014/2015 in BBC1. (4 x 50 min)

  “The team”
European co-production. A woman is found murdered in Copenhagen, shot through the left eye and a finger cut. Just hours later, the two women found murdered in the same way in Antwerp and Berlin. One of Europe’s new international investigation team takes over the falls. premiere in 2015 in BBC1. (8 x 60 min)

Norske detective giant Jo Nesbø is the idea behind a Norwegian voltage drama set in Oslo in the near future. The Prime Minister of the United Nations proclaims that Norway will cease production of oil by environmental concerns. With favorable world memory occupying Russia country. The world needs oil. premiere in 2016 in BBC1. (10 x 45 min)

Finnish drama series about love and morality. The limit is based on the author Riikka Pulkkinen’s novel of the same name. Literature Professor Anja has made a promise that she will find it difficult to keep. She has promised to help his seriously ill man to die.
premiere in 2016 in BBC1. (3 x 60 min)

An Icelandic thriller signed the Hollywood veteran Baltasar Kormákur. A severe storm is approaching Seydisfjördur. Just when the storm reaches full strength succeed a foreign ferry to get into the fjord. Meanwhile, a body washed up on the rocks. premiere in 2016 in BBC1. (10 x 60 min)

Danish drama thriller with Per Fly (“Monica Z”) as principal director and Gjervig Jeppe Gram, who also wrote the script for “Castle” and “Anna Pihl” as author. “Betrayal” is set during the time of financial crisis five years ago. premiere in 2016 in BBC1. (10 x 60 min)






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