Friday, September 12, 2014

Life is a … zzzzzz – Aftonbladet

This is not a popular song.

A hit song is short. The musical is toklång. At times it feels more like a revue.

Jonas Gardell embraces his inner Åsa-Nisse. But Helen Sjöholm and Peter Jöback are excellent.

Finally some strong songs.

A few good scenes. But an awful lot of unnecessary things.

Impossible to believe

Here are four worth seeing people in the center.

Helen Sjöholm is popular song crazy Mona, a nursing assistant who has four children, sad man and works as a personal assistant.

Peter Jöback is her brother Candy Darling, a transsexual who supports her sister and loves to sew clothes.

Jonas Helgesson is David with disabilities as Mona Foster. He wrote the melody as Mona does to her.

Johan Glans is the husband Bosse, unemployed and dejected.

A good quartet. Around these are a crowd of caricatures exaggerated, impossible to believe. A parodic manager, a nasty Samhall Director, a hysterical television producer and a creature that is supposed to be a popular artist but that behaves like a heavily medicated prima donna who does Jonas Gardell -imitationer.

Worse heating

It’s funny in spots, but it seems to belong in another show. The musical is about twice as long as the movie is based.

“Life is a popular song” is poorly narrated. Song number slows down instead of bringing the action forward. A song about car repair? A musical drama about a stylist? Måns Möller in a painful long audience warm to cool.

Johan Glans plays Bosse who claims to be stress-joker. When he gets nervous, he pun. The same affliction suffered by the script. For many poor and unworthy humor attempts. An embarrassing restaurant skit.

Need tightening

But then. When it is approaching midnight, suddenly some strong vocal numbers. Peter Jöback and Helen Sjöholm must show what they can. Fredrik Kempe has written a handful of strong melodies that are lumped together late in the second act. And as the highlight “Never will I stop loving you”, music by Dane Jesper Winge Leisner , as Helen Sjöholm does fantastically well. But the road there is patience.

The real Melodifestivalen blessed by the songs just may be merciful three minutes. “Life is a popular song” needs to be tightened up. As a professional songwriter, Per Gessle , puts it: “Do not bore us, get to the chorus”.


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