Friday, September 19, 2014

Ouch, a lot is not fun – Aftonbladet

It hurts.

The play is an absurd experience called comedy but it’s not laughter that give stomach ache.

Robert Gustafsson and Suzanne Reuter has some fun moments in a remarkable story.

Robert Gustafsson plays Charlie, very dull and shy Englishman whose friend military Froggy ( Claes Månsson ) takes with him to the United States where the military should be on jobs. Charlie should be spiced up, but left in a guest house.

muddled owner

Because he is so shy Froggy says that Charlie did not know the language. Then he should avoid contact with others. He hears things no one thinks he understands. Can be someone else.

The guest house owned by Betty ( Suzanne Reuter ), a junkies who think she understands Charlie, despite his silence. She likes that he’s utländare.

Sluggish weapon maniac

There lives a pastor about to marry. His future wife is angry and spiteful, and everyone is mean to her brother that they think are mentally incapacitated. The pastor does cruel things that make the young man look like a fool.

This is not funny.

There is much that is not fun.

Magnus Roosman play a slow-witted prejudiced gun maniac who is pastor torpedo and not like utländare. He’s supposed to be comically stupid, but so laughable it’s not with the Ku Klux Klan. For heavy firepower in lightweight pixilated piece.

The actors do their best, but the script wavers between comedy (too few laughs) and drama (unrealistic and thin.)

The first act should explain everything and rake the ring. After the break, it will be slightly better.


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