Friday, August 28, 2015

Tomas Ledin | Liseberg Main Stage, Friday – Göteborgs-Posten


Tomas Ledin

Liseberg Main Stage, Friday

Spectators: 19,000

The best: In the summer night light. And when harmonica going forward.

Worst: The start is a bit too tentative. He comes in and waves for a while first. Just drive!

When Tomas Ledin would summarize his career with the album track in 2014, it was eight hours of music, a musical journey that starts with travelators recordings from 1964. It’s been 50 years since then and it is over 30 years since the first disco smoke was thick around Sensual Isabella. Now it’s August evening in Gothenburg in 2015 and Tomas Ledin has nineteen thousand in the audience.

And while the sun slowly descends as we stand here and sing along with the songs from the early 70s onwards – for this audience singing from the start, it may be his Ledin whether it’s about blah blah feelings 1973 (later easily öldoftande) or Part of my heart from the career of important album of chance from 1990.

Nineteen Thousand of the audience means that nineteen thousand people’s dreams, longing, summer memories gather in front of him where he stands on the main stage. And for many, Tomas Ledin just the summer, and who better than he encapsulate the longing for sun-drenched days? His straight, simple texts that it can be a day at the beach gives us hope that there really fine summer day we can never really take for granted.

It’s a Tomas Ledin in good spirits that pours from the scene in a two-hour hitkavalkad. Tonight he has and the game delighted the audience with the band right from the start, but quite properly does not lift the mood until an hour into the concert of the night, I am yours and summer is short. A while later, he has a switch to add in with We are in the pipeline, which straddled the guitar game celebrates triumphs on stage.

There is a Ledin we recognize, a voice that is just as well today as previously. And that’s what that is both beautiful and a bit predictable with Tomas Ledin. It is safe, tidy, we know every single syllable. But surely there will be a party.


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