Wednesday, August 26, 2015

We let her friend write – got the first interview with David Lagercrantz – Today’s Media

Sofia Wadensjö Karén if pulled to publish the interview written by Millennium-author David Lagercrantz close friend.

The author David Lagercrantz has borne witness of the great media pressure for the release of the fourth, detached, part of the Millennium series. Yesterday, reported Radio’s Culture News about the requirements that Collins should have put on the newspapers with Danish policy to discard an interview with David Lagercrantz.

– It is absurd to be on this side, to be a part of this kind of drop, said David Lagercrantz yesterday to the SR’s Kulturnytt.

The hype before boksläppet in the morning is great when the book will be released in 27 countries simultaneously. Previously, the Daily News published a diary about the advent of the book “What does not kill us.”

Now, rolls publicity circus surrounding the giant release of.

But when it comes to the first major interview with David Lagercrantz get the big newspapers see themselves beaten to the fingers by the magazine Vi.

In the newspaper’s new number, which landed in the shops yesterday, there is a long interview with the author that the reader can follow his journey in recent years. The interview was also published late Tuesday on the network, in both a Swedish and an English version.

– It is the first major interview to be published, says Sofia Wadensjö Karén, publisher of the magazine We, the Dagens Media.

Behind the text is the magazine Vi’s music columnist Johan Norberg – who is close friends with David Lagercrantz 20 years.

Sofia Wadensjö Karén swears the interview – and the presentation where a close friend stands for the text – has been an idea that has come from within. According to her it is not about a PR set up by Norstedts.

– It was our idea from the beginning and it was totally our own idea that Johan would make the portrait. We always try to find a uniquely good writer to each portrait because we want our readers to have something more than the traditional portraits.

What role did it because you would get the first big interview that it was Johan Norberg, who wrote?

– It was not like that it stood and fell with it and there was nothing calculated from our side that we would put the job on a friend to get the interview.

– We thought about how we could make the best interview and we Johan Norberg, who is a very good writer and who may David closer than others. We want our readers to have the unexpected and unique. It was not that we wanted to put together two buddies that it would be a nice portrait.

How do you dealat with Norstedts around this?

– We have not dealat. We laid out the job that we wanted to do it. Since then, we have agreed that we will publish it before the boksläppet.


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