Sunday, August 30, 2015

Musicians requires stricter legislation – Västerbotten Folkblad

Entertainment News. Record companies are acting like pirates and outsource the artists music streaming services without fair compensation. The mean Musicians’ Union, which now requires the government to tighten up the legislation.

Musicians and performers should not have to sue record label to obtain fair compensation for their music. It writes the representatives of the Musicians ‘Union in an article in the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, before the lawsuit starts on Monday, where the union is suing the record labels Warner and MNW.

The lawsuit is about the record companies’ rights to lay musicians and performers music streamed music services and what compensation the artists actually should get.

– Record companies want to maximize their profits and we go to court because we do not manage to regulate this themselves. The companies have so much power and there is so much money in circulation that artists have too small a portion of said Musicians’ Union Chairman Jan Granvik said.

Strengthened legislation

According Granvik the mood has two purposes:

– It is quite unreasonable that one should have to sue to reasonable fees and to go to court again and again. But we also want to get to the strengthening of legislation, he said.

Earlier this year, settled a similar dispute in Finland, where the rock band Hurriganes got right to the record label giant Universal. In that case, the record company could not demonstrate that there was no valid agreement to use the band’s music digitally, but referred to practices and tacit agreements. According to the Musicians’ Union, a similar Swedish judgments mean that about half of the Swedish music that exists today on Spotify be outsourced illegally.

TT has sought Warner for comment.


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