Friday, August 21, 2015

Jealousy against pregnant Läckberg – Aftonbladet

Camilla Läckberg, 40, and Simon Shield, 27, to have children.

Something that brought much näthat on social media.

” How on earth have I earned it? “writes Camilla Läckberg on Instagram.

Camilla Läckberg , 40, and Simon Shield , 27, to have children. The success author in week nine, and wrote herself about her pregnancy on Instagram.

Pregnancy news has aroused many reactions on social media where congratulations and nasty comments yesterday about each other.

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Now hang Camilla Läckberg out several people who näthatat around her and Simon’s relationship.

” Observed the same boring phenomenon as always, even on the news yesterday of the baby – the ugly malicious påhoppen from other women, “she writes, among other things, continuing:

” And I’m so fascinated that it is mostly women who pours quips and viciousness. Many who defend me, too – both men and women, and I appreciate and thank you for. But where the hell did this come from? It shows that you indiscriminately sitting at home in front of their computer and spews bile against other women? And how on earth have I earned it? “

Opinions about 27-year-old Simon

She also says that she was not born with guldsked in the mouth and that she herself built up his career from the ground up with years of hard work.

Among the comments that she published, people have written things like “she may well be his mother,” and “How happy can it get? Slampigt it !! “.

People have also commented that the 27-year-old to become a father. “Should a child have a child? Aimed at Simon! So young and immature “, a person has written and another writes:” Poor children who receive a grandmother to mother and brother as a father … “.

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Something that makes Camilla Läckberg angering considerably.

“I have also done my best to be as good a mother as I only can, and actually think I managed pretty well. And I respect you women out there, who toil with one, two, three jobs, long hours, tough economy, juggling with kids and family. Have tremendous respect for you – why I do not deserve the same respect, but it is my medkvinnor standing there and run the modern variant of spitting and throwing stones. Ashamed to take me hell! “.

” Moral witches “

The author also answers to” moral panic “about her life choices.

” and reach, I do not believe survive unhappy in a relationship “for the sake of the children”. Instead, I chose in both of my marriages that take the decision on divorce, for my children deserve a mother who feels good. And for those worried about my kids – three confident, happy, stable kids like a big family around them who love them. The fourth will have the privilege of growing up with a warm, lovely and loving extended family composed of both blood ties and non bloodline. So morality bitches out there – shot of your own and do not waste energy on worrying about my life choices they are excellent thank you very much “

She writes that she chooses to lay out the names of people that they themselves decided to write publicly in a public forum.


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