Monday, August 24, 2015

Tarantino saw “True Detective” – ​​Vasterbotten Courier

He did not like Wes Craven directed by “Scream”. He does not believe that we will be talking about movies like “Philomena” in 30 years – and he saw “True Detective”.

Quentin Tarantino is not afraid to say what he thinks of other people’s work.

The double Oscar-winning director is working hard on her upcoming movie “The hateful eight” which will premiere early next year. He sees the film a bit like a western version of “Reservoir Dogs” (1992), according to an interview with Vulture.

One of the film’s main roles are played by Jennifer Jason Leigh. But had it not been for the character’s age had the choice could fall on Jennifer Lawrence, he says to the site.

– I’m a big fan. I think she may be a new Bette Davis if she continues as she does, he says to the site.

Anything that does not impress him is the TV series “True Detective”. He has only seen the first episode of season one but thought it was very sad.

– And season two look terrible. Just the trailer – all these handsome actor who is trying to not be restyled and goes around as if they carried the whole world worries on his shoulders. It is so serious and they look so pained when they try to look miserable, with his mustache and worn clothes, he said.


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