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This takes the friends say goodbye to Robert Broberg – Aftonbladet

The friends gathered to bid farewell to the beloved artist Robert Broberg.

During Monday afternoon held a funeral ceremony in the Eric Ericson Hall on Skeppsholmen in Stockholm.

– I am very moved by this, says the friend Claes Eriksson, director.

The people dear artist Robert Broberg transferred to their final resting place at 14.00 on Monday afternoon .

The family chose to hold a civil funeral in the Eric Ericson Hall in Skeppsholmen in Stockholm, with Naomi Liljeforsgatan funeral officiant. The ceremony was open to the public.

– We met while I was working on TV, and he certainly looked his fellow man. He was fine, says Liljefors Nöjesbladet for the ceremony. She has a background as a documentary filmmaker.

In the midst of a flower bed of wild flowers was the urn that contained the ashes entertain. Some twenty wreaths had been sent from friends, old colleagues and admirers.

“Thanks for the memories” was the word that came back more than once. It was not just the fans who thanked him for decades of entertainment with flowers. There were wreaths from Lorensbergsteatern, TV4, Mikael Wiehe and STIM.

“miss him a lot”

The close friend Lasse Hallström could not attend because of filming in Canadian Winnipeg.

– I miss him a lot, he writes in an email to Aftonbladet.

Attending guests included the artist Owe Thörnqvist , the actor Tintin Anderzon , the actor Goran Ragnerstam , director Claes Eriksson artist Lill Lindfors , musician Janne Schaffer and his friend and colleague Uffe Börjesson .

Naomi Liljeforsgatan opened the ceremony:

– Now we have gathered to share our memories of him and rejoice in the life and creativity from when Robert was alive, she said.

Liljeforsgatan had different impacts in Broberg’s career and tried to capture the essence of his personality. A few musical numbers expressed by a female choir led by Anna FAIRY RING was “Crying is a reverse Joy” (in spoken form, accompanied by a gentle run) and “Let me warm your frozen soul” that were sung a cappella the choir.

– The memory of Robert all of you will carry with you the rest of your lives. Roberts unique imprint lives on in you. And now one of Robert’s favorite tunes, said the officiant Liljeforsgatan.

Then played a cello version of “What a wonderful world”. Since the guests go to the ballot box, or lay a flower on it. Several of them fell into tears.

Unusual form of Parkinson

After the funeral ceremony would be a private memorial service held for family, friends and former colleagues.

Since several years back suffered Robert Broberg of a rare form of Parkinson’s, which caused him to withdraw from the limelight.

On July 21, went the people dear artist and entertainer away.

The singer had received palliative Care for some time and went to sleep surrounded by his family.

– We were with the family, the daughter has Isabella Robert Daughter earlier told Aftonbladet.

Robert Broberg was 75 years old.

The friend Mika met Robert Broberg fairly recently.

– We are at that age, and Robert was even more at that age, it’s time to hang his hat on the shelf and say “thank you”. I think he did with flags flying, said Wiehe Nöjesbladet after the death announcement.

Lill Lindfors, artist:

– A truly wonderful, ingenious, right bit crazy and with a depth. We worked together at Berns so he wrote “My little fejs” and “Do you love me too when you wake up.” Which has kept throughout the years.

– I met him last some years ago. We recorded a few songs from “Sing with us, Mom!”, Including “Where are you going my little girl.” And some others Uffe Börjesson was holding. It was a joyful meeting. The last few years I have not met him.

– It was a fantastic moment in the church.

Tina Ahlin musician:

– I met Robert for the first time when I had entered the Music Academy. It’s over 25 years ago. Having come from the world that is very notbunden and to meet with Robert who gave a lot of inspiration. Because he was thinking in completely different paths colors, red and blue and it would sparkle. One got another entrance that was very inspiring. And he gave me a lot of courage to do things. I played with him in the Berwald Hall, and he got me to play the harmonica to the orchestra. I remember how he stood on the podium and conducted the entire orchestra. This mischievous fashion was very inspiring.

Claes Eriksson, comedian:

– He was a unique artist, and we have never seen equaled either before or after. There will be no he is again. I am very moved by this. That he did not live a little longer. He had had a lot to give still, if he had not received this tedious disease.

– I will remember his outrageous stage presence and stunning musicality. He was a lover of words and all the turns of phrase. He could be hugely unpredictable on stage, says Claes Eriksson.

They used to meet at Nösund (Orust) during the summer to play tennis. Both have summer homes there.

– It was not since 2009 that we last played. And then I noticed the disease, it was very sad. Since I met him after the throng. They heard how he was and I thought it was just so sad, continues Claes Eriksson.

He explains that there are possibly a little regret that he had not decided to establish contact with Broberg recent times.

– I could perhaps have done. But it was not so. We had many good talks in the summer. Even when he was with us at the theater. We talked about life and all that it entails. So we knew each other pretty well.

– He’s been a huge inspiration to me. He’s ten years older than I am.

Uffe Börjesson, friend and musician:

– I thought it was really nice and dignified. It was sunny, which is good because Robert loved summer. It was fantastic arranged for they have managed to capture Roberts spirit of it all. Now it will be a private ceremony with friends, musicians and us who have worked with Robert and he enjoyed. It will be very nice to sit down and meet the people who we have not met since the Globe-time in the 1990s.

He performed the last time the Broberg on Storsjöyran in 2010.

– The was the end of a tour. We made about fifty gigs, he continues.

Börjesson met Broberg about once a month until the end.

Tintin Anderzon, actor:

– I will remember his wonderful music. All he has given.

– I knew him and met him when I was 18 and interviewed him in a program. Since I met him, a bit like that in years. It was many years since I saw him last. And it was during the premiere of “Let the Right One In” (2008).

Michael Malmgren, bassist Bo Diddley:

– I remember him from the period when I played with him and was friends with him. It was during the album “Flygeltur”. You become friends and really close with Robert. We had great fun together during 1-2 years. After a few years I started to play with Bo Diddley and I he made his Globe concerts. We started going at each other’s concerts and took up contact again. A funny thing happened. I had not seen him for several years and he showed up in a red American car of Stureplan. He sees me and stops short at the roundabout. The cars starts honking. Then we took up contact again. The last time I met him was three years ago. Then he said he had lumbago. But I guess it was not just back pain it was.

Janne Schaffer, artist:

– It was a great ceremony. I met Robert for the first time in 1963 and began working together in 1971. When he made the round disc with a hole in the middle that did not get played on the radio. It described Roberts lives very nicely, and “Let me warm your frozen soul” I was with and recorded. It’s always special to be there when an artist creates a work. There are many memories. I always looked forward to a recording with him for what could be unexpected things that he caught in the air. It was fun because he was so creative.

Wille Crafoord, artist:

– Each time the sky is so blue here Brobergskt I think we all should think on him. And for my own part, he will always be a great inspiration torque to keep in mind when you create yourself. He was so free in its creation. He gave everyone a trampoline to be free in their whole approach to art and music.

– Above all, he has been important for me in music. Since he has appeared in private contexts and lived up to my expectations of him have been magical. My relationship with him goes mainly through texts and images.

Daniel “the moniker” Karlsson, artist:

– I met him the day I turned 30 years old and had just had Robert Broberg-time home. When I got off the subway, I met him and saw him. Then I told him how much he had meant to me.

“The moniker” is a fan of Broberg, and occurred during the memorial ceremony.


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