Wednesday, August 26, 2015

David Lagercrantz reveal unpublished book – Göteborgs-Posten

After the success of Zlatan book, and before his very latest continuation of the Millenium trilogy could David Lagercrantz also write a love story, he reveals the GP.

David Lagercrantz is certainly not idle. After Zlatan book, and before he was hired to write the Millennium 4, he wrote a romance novel, which includes the world-famous British physics professor Stephen Hawking appears in one of the roles. However, it is unclear if the novel, whose title is not nailed, will ever be published.

– After the success of Zlatan book I started to doubt. Be good enough? says David Lagercrantz.

One of the book’s characters is also more close to his own self than others he had written about, which contributed to his question.

– It might be too much therapy I writes about people similar to myself? considering the author that are normally devoted himself to writing about geniuses, adventurers and children of various kinds, among them Goran Kropp, Alan Turing, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and now Lisbeth Salander.

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The physicist Stephen Hawking is currently on his visit to Stockholm and is launching a new idea around Hawking radiation and black holes. The professor, who suffers from nerve disease ALS, has previously captivated the scientific community with controversial theories that physics and cosmology.

– I read everything he wrote a popular science says David Lagercrantz, who gets tears in the eyes of movement as he thinks on Monday’s lecture by Hawking that he attended, and found fascinating beyond words.

– Think everything he dried with … .When ordered all odds ….

I am Zlatan Ibrahimovic from 2011, became a sales success without equal. On Thursday released What does not kill us , David Lagercrantz continuation of Stieg Larsson’s world-famous Millennium trilogy, also an expected blockbuster. It will be released simultaneously in 27 countries worldwide, and shortly afterwards in another 20. In the American book market is craving for new Millennium book even better than Harper Lee’s new book, set a watchman. The first three Millennium books have sold 24 million, and the sale of the fourth novel certainly does not quite up in the John Grisham-level, but is on track. US publisher Knopf has already sounded pressing a first print run of half a million copies.

– So it can simply does not go bad, with such pressure, says author David Lagercrantz mockingly smile, before he immediately begins to apologize for his cockiness.

In Saturday’s GP, you can read an extended interview with the author in which he speaks out about the driving forces, revanchism and moral concerns.


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