Thursday, August 20, 2015

Lars Amble has passed away from cancer – Aftonbladet

Lars Amble has died. In the night he fell asleep at Ersta Hospital in the aftermath of their cancer.

– We are very sorry and it’s terribly sad, but I’m glad we could be seen as much as we did at the end, saying his daughter Lolo Amble.

The beloved actor Lars Amble Naess died. The night of Thursday, he went away in the wake of their cancer.

– It is true that my father passed away in the night. He was last time at Ersta hospital and had very nicely there. He passed away quietly in the night, says her daughter, playwright Lolo Amble Naess.

Lars Amble mourned the closest of his wife Gunborg Amble Naess, 73, and daughter Lolo Amble Naess 52.

– We are very sorry and it’s terribly sad, but I’m glad we could be seen as much as we did at the end. He had a lot of visits and had it good, says Lolo Amble Naess.

played in “the canal” and “Silly killer”

Lars Amble was a frequently recurring actor in Swedish blockbusters “the canal”, “Rasmus and the tramp,” “Silly murderer” and “Two guys and a girl.”

From 1984 to 1994 he was artistic director of the Maxim Theatre in Stockholm and worked there close Magnus Härenstam and Brasse Brännström. He has three times awarded the Golden Mask for best director, and has also taught at the Theatre Academy in Stockholm.

Children with Marie Göranzon

In the early 2000s, he starred as a voice actor in the Swedish dubbing are three “Harry Potter” movies, “Beck – Girl in the cellar” and “Murders in Sandhamn.”

In the 60s, Lars Amble married to Marie Göranzon who is also the mother of Ambles daughter Lolo Amble Naess.

– He was my former husband and colleague and father of my daughter Lolo. He was one of my best friends, we worked a lot together and he gave me a lot of chances. As when he resolutely took me from the Royal Dramatic Theatre Maxim Theatre where I then played the comedy in three or four years. It is a very big hole after him, he was a very close friend and a very professional occupation human being there are not many left in longer. Today very fuzzy instead. I will really miss him, says Marie Göranzon, 72nd

The Friends of grief

“Gota Canal” was playing Lars Amble against Janne “Loffe” Carlsson, 78, but they learned First to know each other when they played in 1981 in Jan Guillou’s TV movie “breakthrough”.

– We have played in some theatrical performances together. He was a brilliant actor and has done great many good things. This is a loss for the Theatre Sweden. Everything for Magna friends go away now, it’s väldgit painful in any way, you miss them all the time. I feel for his family and his close friends, of course miss him even more than I do.

Peter Dalle, 58, directed Lars Amble in his film “Ostensibly – a film about trains,” but also in a Royal Dramatic Theatre production of “Markurells in Wadköping”.

– We got to know each other on Maximtatern around 1990, about the time I started working with “Lorry”. I made two sets of Maximteatern and we hung out a lot over the years. Used to go out afterwards together with Brazilian and try to find things to do together. He was a very good actor. A very funny and sarcastic man who nearly drove with his own sarcasm. We had a lot of fun. This is really sad, says Dalle.

Lars Amble was 76 years old.


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