Saturday, August 22, 2015

Metallica | Ullevi Stadium, Saturday – Göteborgs-Posten



Ullevi Stadium, Saturday

The best: One, Master of Puppets

Worst: For Whom the Bell Tolls

Spectators: 63,036

As the sun descends over Ullevi and a hundred fans in white T-shirts troppar up on stage and line up behind the drums currents are still people into the arena.

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To Metallica not released a new album in seven years, or that this will be the band’s fifth Sweden Participation in nine years does not seem to have any meaning, tickets to the Saturday evening spectacle still sold out in a flash. But this is Metallica also rather a popular phenomenon than a conventional rock band. This with fans on stage has been sold as the special with this tour, the last was in the audience to request songs.

One might ask how relevant Metallica’s 2015, but Sweden will obviously never enough.

Images of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and Morricones theme song is upbeat, Fuel is the starting point which is to commence as soon as James Hetfield reached its pickups. An odd choice of öppningslåt which however works perfectly okay. Without pause follows For Whom the Bell Tolls, swaying precariously, and a rapidly galloping Battery. After a welcoming speech in which Hetfield celebrates music’s unifying force is increasing stabilieten in appearance, although King Nothing is hardly the band’s Funniest song and Disposable Heroes does not reach its full power potential.

The more maffigare is The Day That Never Comes, despite rigid drumming of Lars Ulrich. Overall, the Metallica of today, more accurate in the arena friendly midtempohitsen than in the fast thrash smokers of yesteryear. However, it seems Hetfield have major difficulties with the voice of The Unforgiven, the song sounds strained and a little sour. Too bad a nice song.

What better go there in fierce stomping Sad but true and frayed ends of sanity where Kirk Hammet holds its own with typical fiddly guitar solo. Flashing laser beams illustrates hail of bullets in the intro to One and shadow soldiers marching on the monitors. How broken played as it may be, this number still loaded highlight, even in the evening. And when Master of puppets takes over, it will be fun for real, which thousands of hands in the air to emphasize.

This is not Metallica best day at work, which may be a crazy thing arguing about a gig at a sold out Ullevi Stadium. But the fact is that the band feels both tired and a little unfocused through the evening. Routine enough to go home with a gig Metallica have understood anyway. Seek and Destroy, for example, a sharp rounding for the extraordinary numbers. As expected, made up the final point of Whiskey in the jar, Nothing Else Matters and Enter Sandman. All the probes loved, all habilt performed but in no way as magical as can be. I think most go away satisfied, but can not help but wonder how many more of these tours Metallica has in itself.


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