Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Policy nobbar Lagercrantz interview – medievärlden.se

The newspaper strongly criticizes the author of the Millenium sequel and Norstedts publishing house: “Do you think we are complete idiots?”.

Both the national and the international attention ahead of Thursday’s release of David Lagercrantz standalone sequel “That which does not kill us,” have been great. But now the report Swedish Radio Kulturnytt to the Danish newspaper Politiken boycotting an author interview before the release of the Millennium sequel.

The reason is that the policy considers that the conditions Norstedts down for the interview are unreasonable. The Danish newspaper was not allowed to read the book before the interview and were not allowed to ask questions about the details of the quotes in the biography “I am Zlatan ‘has been fabricated by David Lagercrantz.

The policy literary editor Jes Stein Pedersen’s call the whole thing hysterical publishers behavior and says that the publisher through conditions preclude a critical literary journalism.

In an interview with Kulturnytt wondering literary editor of Norstedts and David Lagercrantz think the policy is full of idiots.

Linda Altrov Berg, director at Norstedts, and Raben & amp; Sjögen Agency and responsible for the international launch, says that it is free for assessments of the book after it was released but the journalists in the interviews for the book instead can ask questions about the project with the sequel, author David Lagercrantz and the valorisation of the characters in Millenium books.


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