Monday, August 31, 2015

Three allows you to stream Spotify free – New Technology


Three give music listeners sour cream in their subscriptions for mobile data and mobile broadband. This means that the amount of data consumed when the music is streamed from the three music services Spotify, tidal or Deezer will not be deducted from the customer’s monthly pot.

This applies to all company subscriptions are prepaid, but might make the greatest difference for those who have a subscription with a bit of data. Tres lowest data pool is 0.5 gigabytes per month, equivalent to over 100 hours of music listening on mobile phones.

According to a survey made by the company with the help of the Youth Barometer holds 33 percent of the Swedes back to music listening to the fear that consuming too much of their surfing pot. Now hope Three to calm the turmoil and at the same time might attract some additional customers on the purchase. If the offer may be relevant also for its prepaid customers, the company’s CIO Kamran Alemdar not answer today.

It might happen later, he says.

When it comes to other music than the three available from the start, so it may be necessary depending on whether there is interest and if it is technically possible for three to sort out the streaming music from another data transmission from the service.

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