Sunday, August 23, 2015

Robyn makes exclusive gig in Stockholm – Expressen

After the Dance Dakar beslivelsen – this is Popaganda fortune .

Now communicated to Robyn occupies the festival for its only European gig.

“When Robyn played on Popaganda later, we broke attendance records,” the festival said in a statement.

Robyn could play at the Stockholm Festival Dance Dakar this weekend – but with only days left put the festival in.

It was supposed to be the star’s only concert in Europe was thus never. Now announces festival Popaganda to Robyn & amp; La Bagatelle Maciqie play with them instead.

“Robyn is notoriously one of Sweden’s greatest artists, with a låtkatalog as everyone knows by at this point,” the festival said in a statement.

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Last Robyn played on Popaganda beat the festival record. It was five years ago. Now they want the festival to make another mark in the star’s career.

“We are proud to be there when a new chapter of her career is written,” it says on the press release.

The gig on Popaganda is the first ever for Robyn in the constellation Robyn & amp; La Bagatelle Maciqie, where even the producer Markus Jäger Ballenstedt are included. Work on the project grew along with legendary producer Christian Falk , who passed away last summer.

Popaganda festival held in Stockholm on 28-29 August. Other artists who will perform are Bob Hund, Seinabo Sey , James Blake , Angel Haze and Shout Out Louds.

Also Mark Krunegård group Laakso will take the festival – for a reunion gig.

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